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The Pierce County Construction Partnership’s mission is to develop, implement and oversee strategies that ensure:

  • Awareness and/or promotion of construction careers (including business aspects) and training opportunities
  • A sufficient supply of new entrants and progression of currently employed construction professionals
  • Construction professionals have the skill sets to consistently perform at an optimal level
  • Pierce County residents have access to industry specific training that results in employment and career progression


  • Develop and maintain a private and public partnership to respond to construction industry’s workforce needs
  • Increase the pool of skilled construction professionals
  • Increase training capacity at all levels via traditional and innovative training mechanisms
  • Enhance retention within the construction industry
  • Provide information that enables the educational community to keep construction related curriculum relevant and current
  • Create and maintain awareness to a diverse audience of what occupations and career ladders are available within the construction industry


In the Spring of 2002, Tacoma-Pierce County Workforce Development Council designated $110,000 to create a business led, sector-specific Construction Council.  The Pierce County Construction Partnership works on behalf of and reports to the Workforce Development Council.

The Construction Council uses its collective influence and resources to respond to industry needs by increasing general awareness of the construction employment and training opportunities and coordinating collective resources to facilitate the introduction of new workers and the progression of existing workers in the construction industry.

The Partnership has marshaled $1.5 million in public resources and more than $680,000 in private resources to implement creative solutions to meet the partnership’s strategic goals.

Pierce County Consruction Partnership Brochure - PDF


Our vision of building tomorrow’s construction workforce today will be achieved by:

Industry Involvement
The Construction Partnership thrives on the commitment of its members. Working strategically, members drive the focus and direction of the Partnership activities to further opportunities within the County.

Community Connections
Building relationships within the community, the Construction Partnership is involved in activities within the County. Whether assisting organizations or participating in forums, Partnership members actively provide feedback and assistance in highlighting or promoting the industry.

Program Support
Recognizing the importance of students, the Construction Partnership assists schools in Pierce County. The industry supports programs which bring exposure to the range of career options in the industry.

Opportunities Explored
In the training arena, the Construction Partnership works with the industry to create opportunities. Designing programs for current construction professionals and for young adults, the Partnership explores new training.

Resources Available
Bringing information about the Industry to the public, the Construction Partnership provides resources to raise awareness about the variety of occupations and available training and education choices.